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Services Offered

Canon R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera with L Series Lenses

Photographer in Hermon, Maine. Photography at very reasonable prices. Serving the Bangor Area.


I am located just down the road or close to the following places:

Penobscot Snowmobile Club that can be reserved for events as we have for our family (walking distance)

Morgan Hill Event Center (walking distance)

Ecotat Gardens and Trails
Hermon Pond

Other locations such as:

Cascade Park

Brewer River Walk and Children's Garden

Bangor Trails

University Of Maine Gardens

Maine Forest and Logging Museum

Treworgy Orchards

SERVICES (Some services are may not available at this time):

- High school senior portraits

- High school proms

- High School or College Graduations

- Family portraits
- Weddings
- Pet, Livestock, and Equestrian photos including events. I have had pets ever since I can remember. I have ridden on a few horses and have been around them a lot so I am comfortable but cautious around them
- Commercial
- Real Estate
- Insurance
- Hospice memory photos
- other special or memorable events
- Automotive (cars, trucks, car shows), Motorcycle, and recreational vehicle photos (My 85mm takes vehicle photography to the next level.)

- Sports photography: For many years I have been taking pictures for the Bangor Christian High School Cheering Team for no charge and some photos when my daughter was in softball and soccer. I have a much better camera now compared to the 2022-23 last season. Even though my youngest daughter has graduated I may continue to offer that service to them for free.  The down side is the big photography companies claim the front of the floor and I am not allowed to go there. I own the same lenses they have and maybe even the same camera and I am just as capable as they are they but they own the floor so I have to shoot from farther away. If there are no other photographers at an event then I can go where I want for the most part.


I will use your location or one of my choosing. However I to reduce my time searching for the idea location and still not picking the type of spot the client is looking for I prefer the client helps with choosing a location. I could spend days driving around trying to find a location. I could find a good spot but may not get permission to use the location,  the ideal location maybe posted, there maybe a lot of people visiting the location during a certain time of season,  or there maybe events planned at that location. I have lenses that will blur out any background. Basically I can hide a lot. I can make any spot look good with a blurred background. However if you want an aesthetically pleasing background then that can be a challenge. Since this is not a my full time business (this is why my prices are relatively low) I do not have a lot of extra time to seek out locations.  However that does not mean I won't have time to put into the photo shoot.



For ideas search Google. Search around the web and print or screen shot ideas. You can look around or ask around for locations similar to what you envision. Also Pinterest is full of ideas for poses and location ideas. Such as these Pinterest pages for example.



- Timed (but will not end the session until the client is satisfied) photo shoots with all necessary equipment
- Professional Full Frame Canon Mirrorless camera used with Canon "L" series professional lenses
- Photo editing and color correction (unless you want to edit them yourself to save money)
- Complete photo library access with full usage rights (Online (easiest to access with any device), SD card, or USB flash drive)


Portraits: Starting at $50 if the location is close by, more if I have to travel any distance outside of the Hermon / Bangor area. (This price will be low until I get established.)

Events: Ask

All other: Ask

Photos will be accessed online unless you supply an SD card or CD .

Prices will increase depending on the distance away, the amount of time (If excessive) and number of (edited) photos. You can keep all the photos I take.

- I will be very flexible with prices.

- I will not be happy unless I am happy and you are happy. I will not rush through any session.

- Some charge a 100-175 dollars for a very quick 10-20 minute session with equipment that is not the latest and the highest quality.  They only let you have a set amount of pictures. With me you can have them all. I can just edit the ones you like the best to save you money. I purchased new equipment because I was not happy with the results. I have ungraded several times due to my high expectations.

- I will not post exact prices here at this time. I do this because I want to be fair. I will be much less then those that do this full time and I will give you more time and more photos for the money. Even though I have $15,000+ dollars in equipment I will still be reasonable.  If you think you cannot afford a photographer for your event or even senior photos talk to me I might be able to help. Don't use cell phones.

- I will let you look through all the photos I have taken at the session if you are not happy we will take more photos until you are happy. I want you to have photos that you are going to treasure. If you are not happy with the session it will be at no charge but all photos will be deleted.  Honestly I have never had this happen.



If you are just down the road at the Penobscot Snowmobile Club or Morgan Hill I can do this with short notice. Even if you contact me on the same day you need a photographer I might be able to help.

Please contact me via email, text, or via Facebook Messenger about an appointment.

I am available evenings after 5pm during the week and most weekends. I will make myself available during the day on a week day if I have a big enough job. 






Fred Emerson III

A.P. Inc / A.P. Photography
681 Bog Road
Hermon, Maine

Text Only: 207-814-8979

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NEW RF 85MM F1.2 L USM Canon's best portrait and wedding lens


Why does this make a difference?

See Katelyn James on You Tube -

See Sal Cincotta on You Tube -

Manny Ortiz on You Tube -

Irene Rudnyk on You Tube -






























Professional Equipment (5/2023)

Canon R6 Mark II

Canon 24-70 F2.8

Canon RF 85mm F1.2 L USM

Canon 70-200 F2.8

Canon 85mm F1.8

Canon 100mm Macro F2.8

Canon 100-400 F4.5-5.6

Dell XPS 8950 PC


We are so proud of her!

Find her on Instagram -

Canon R6 Mark II Camera with Lenses
Canon R6 Mark II Camer with RF 85mm F1.2 L USM Professional Lens
Canon R6 Mark II Camera with RF 85mm F1.2 L USM Professional Lens
Makayla Emerson Licensed Esthetician Maine
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